From intimate parties to elaborate weddings, Hook Line and Drinker is proud to service all of Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Manatee County, Hernando County, and Sarasota County. Counties outside of Hillsborough and Pinellas may be subject to a mileage fee, depending on distance.


Hook Line and Drinker carries extensive $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance policy and a $2,000,000 aggregate insurance policy. Certificate of insurance can be sent to the client and venue as requested.

As we do not carry a liquor license, all alcohol is supplied by venue or host.

What makes us different is we want to connect with our host on a personal level. Hook Line Drinker makes every effort to meet our customers face to face at least once, though we encourage multiple face to face meetings to build a relationship. We do a lot of listening and less talking in an attempt to precisely understand their vision of “perfect”, so we can perfectly deliver.

The client gets to see, first-hand, how personable we are. Our goal is to creates a feeling of comfort and trust.


Like a wedding cake for a wedding, the perfect beverage menu is imperative to your special event. When we help prepare a menu and customize a specialty drink, we actually require the hosts to meet up before the event so they can sample the beverage and decide if they love it or it needs to be tweaked. Each time we change something, we request another tasting. We do this because we understand the stress caused from unwanted surprises.

Dressed in all black or dressed per host theme, Hook Line and Drinker’s bartender will arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the event to meet the venue staff and other vendors, and begin the set up and organization of the client or venue’s alcohol. From a customized menu to beverage napkins, straws, stirs, cups, garnish, mixers (sodas and juices), ice, coolers, all items are taken care of with our all-inclusive bar-tending service.


Hook Line and Drinker uses both cans and two liters. Our soda mixers are premium brand cans (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Canada Dry, and Ginger Ale). Our Tonic and Club Soda are two-liter Publix brand. Our juices – cranberry and orange – are premium brand Ocean Spray and Tropicana and come in half gallons. Any mixer can be substituted for another and the replacement will be premium brand as well. 

During your event, should a guest become over intoxicated, we approach the situation professionally, politely and with humor.

After the event, Hook Line and Drinker’s bartender will tidy up and leave the venue clean, the way it was before the event started.