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For many couples, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. And while the focus is often on the ceremony and reception, food and drink are also important in any wedding celebration. That’s why choosing a catering company that can provide delicious food, and expert bartending services is important.

At Hook Line & Drinkers, we understand the importance of ensuring your wedding day is perfect. That’s why we offer professional wedding bartending services in Tampa, Florida. Our experienced bartenders will work with you to create a special menu for your big day, complete with all of your favorite drinks. We’ll ensure your guests are well-fed and happy, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day stress-free. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding bartending services.

Every day, bartenders serve people at restaurants and bars. The same goes for a wedding bartender in Tampa, FL. But there are also some differences. A wedding bartender has to remember many things that others don’t have to think about.


Wedding Bartender vs. Regular Bartender


Unlike regular bartenders, wedding bartenders serve more alcohol, cater to the guests, and are focused on creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding where there were two bartenders – one that was paid by the venue and one that worked as a freelancer – chances are good that they were both hired by the bride and groom’s parents. They hired multiple people because they wanted their guests to have all of their bases covered; they wanted someone who could ensure everyone got served quickly no matter how many people showed up or what kind of drinks those guests requested (or didn’t).


Serving People


The best bartenders are the ones who can serve you. In other words, they know how to make sure that you always have a drink in your hand and that it’s exactly what you want. This is done by talking to customers, making conversation, and being friendly.

As a wedding bartender in Tampa, FL, you should be able to approach people without feeling weird or awkward about it —this can be difficult when dealing with strangers at first but remember that everyone was once a stranger! It also helps if you know how much alcohol people typically consume before they get drunk on average (as this will help ensure that drinks are not too strong).


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Service is Different


The biggest difference between an average bartender and a wedding bartender in Tampa, FL, is that the latter serves people. As you’ve probably guessed, this can make the job more complex than your average shift at an establishment. No matter what kind of bar you work in, you’ll be responsible for serving drinks to customers. This means taking orders, mixing cocktails according to recipes or instructions from your boss (who may or may not actually know how to mix drinks), and making sure that everyone gets served on time while maintaining good customer service—all while keeping track of who’s had what drink so they don’t get served twice.

In addition to these responsibilities, as the face of your bar business during events such as weddings and parties, you must provide an inviting atmosphere that helps everyone have fun while also making sure no one gets too drunk (or worse). You’ll want guests who’ve had too much fun called cabs or sent home by friends if necessary, but when all goes well at these events, it makes all those hours spent studying up on cocktails worth it!


Alcohol Variety


Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of all the things a wedding bartender needs to know, let’s take a look at what sets them apart from regular bartenders.

Wedding bartenders need to be able to be quick on their feet because they’re often serving parties with a lot of guests. They don’t just have to make drinks; they also have to keep an eye on how much people are drinking so that nobody gets too tipsy or drunk and can’t enjoy themselves anymore. This means ensuring everyone is having fun, being friendly, and not getting hurt if there are any accidents (or fights!).


Knowledge of the Bar


A wedding bartender must have a working knowledge of every drink that can be made and how to make them quickly. This includes various types of beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic beverages. An experienced wedding bartender will also know how to create drinks with a lot of alcohol (preferably in different measurements) and those with very little sugar or flavor.


Alcohol Limits for Guests


Wedding guests are more likely to drink than they usually would at a bar. You must consider this when setting limits on what type and how much alcohol your guests will be allowed to consume at your wedding reception.

If you want to set a limit for your wedding, it should be based on factors such as the age and weight of the guest, as well as their tolerance for alcohol. This can vary widely from person to person, so be sure to consult with someone knowledgeable about these things before deciding on a final decision.

Once you’ve chosen your limits, enforce them! If possible, you’ll want someone checking IDs at the door—that way, no one sneaks in underaged children who might drink too much too fast (or even drive home drunk!). Also, ensure there aren’t any loopholes in how much people can bring with them—this means no “water bottles” filled with vodka! Finally: communicate clearly what these rules are and why they’re important so no one feels like they’re being singled out or discriminated against at all costs here.


There are a lot of factors that make a wedding bartender different from a regular bartender.


So what makes a wedding bartender different from a normal one? Quite a few things!

  • First, wedding bartenders in Tampa, FL, are more experienced than your average bartender. They have to be because weddings are just so damn complex. A wedding bar is going to have all kinds of special rules and regulations about how much alcohol can be served per hour (usually one drink per person), where that alcohol should come from (it’s usually not their own personal stash), and how it should be distributed throughout the venue.
  • Wedding bartenders also become aware of the limits imposed by their guests. Many people don’t know when they’ve had enough to drink—this is even true for some adults who are legally allowed to consume alcohol! But if you’re serving drinks at a wedding, it’s up to you as the professional bartender not only how much they drink but whether they get drunk at all! This means keeping track of each person’s intake with precision, so nobody leaves too buzzed or gets behind in their buzzes too quickly.




Wedding bartenders are different. They have to be able to handle a lot more than just pouring drinks and serving them. They need knowledge of the bar, alcohol limits for guests, and service that is catered to each person’s needs. Wedding bartenders are also expected to serve people on time and provide an experience that will make your wedding even better than it already is!

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